Roe v Wade has produced more casualties than war

By Tom Quiner

The most tragic anniversary in American history draws near.
The 41st anniversary of the lethal Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision is this Wednesday, January 22nd.
Let me quantify the carnage of Roe v Wade.
In the entire 237 year history of the United States of America, we have lost 1.3 million people to war.
We lose that many to abortion in a single year. Some 56 million Americans have died at the hands of human abortionists who rake in lavish profits from the carnage.
In the U.S., Planned Parenthood is the most prolific agent of death. They are supported with taxpayer money with our president’s blessing.
Bishop Richard Pates of the Catholic Diocese of Des Moines talked about this issue at the Midwest March for Life. He said that right now, here in Iowa, Catholic Charities has some 265 couples waiting in line to adopt.
They have a long wait.
Sadly, we abort 13 Iowa babies every day. Do the math: in little more than 20 weeks, each of these couples could have a baby.
Each would have the opportunity to pour out their love to a baby who otherwise will be disposed of by Planned Parenthood.
The bishop beseeched us to embrace adoption, the loving way to go.
But the money Planned Parenthood has been getting from human abortion has just been too good.  On the other hand, the tide is beginning to turn as the pro life generation makes their presence felt.
Human abortion clinics are closing. The young increasingly understand something liberal politicians don’t: these are people we are killing  (just look at the photo above). This is blood money, and these conscientious young voters refuse to vote for politicians who support human abortion through all 9 months of a pregnancy.
There is hope: Washington D.C. will be awash with pro lifers this Wednesday for the March for Life. The mainstream media won’t cover it, but I will.
Check back.  Love is sweeping the country.  That’s what the pro life movement is all about.