A ridiculous assertion by The Des Moines Register

By Tom Quiner

“If men could get pregnant, abortion wouldn’t be controversial in this country. Medication to terminate a pregnancy would be available at every pharmacy. Over the counter. A government historically dominated by men would never contemplate forcing the members of its own gender to carry a pregnancy to term, swollen ankles and all.”

So opines the Des Moines Register in another ode to human abortion.
The premise of the article is more than offensive, it is ridiculous.
The Register makes the usual liberal mistake of assuming “group think,” that all men will think and act the same, just as all blacks do, and all Latinos, and, well, you get the idea.
Moral men of character who recognize that humanity begins at the instant of conception would oppose human abortion regardless of who carries the child (just as most women do now). How many men in this great nation have given their lives for the sake of someone else?
So why would these same men suddenly become cowards and kill a tiny, innocent human life?
Sure, there are no shortage of men on the Left who would do so. They admit it. They view human life as disposable if it is merely inconvenient to them. They do it now by coercing their wives and girl friends to abort their progeny. So yes, the Register is correct that many, many millions of men who vote Democrat would have no qualms over killing the child in their womb.
The moral men of the Right would continue to demonstrate the courage and moral integrity that so defines these practitioners of social justice, these custodians of human rights.
The Register may speak for the men who revere Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo, Larry Flynt, and other prominent men who embrace human abortion on demand any time during the first nine months of pregnancy.
They don’t speak for me.