MSNBC: Aren’t we past opposing Obamacare yet?

By Tom Quiner

Facebook is mad at Obama’s NSA for using their data to spy on people.
Liberal Senator, Diane Feinstein, is mad because Obama’s NSA is spying on her, too.
These serious stories are perfect fodder for our favorite Friday feature, NewsBusted, starring Jodi Miller.
Ms. Miller goes beyond the facts and figures of the news, she tells you what they really mean. Brace yourself for these breaking stories:

√ President Obama’s unpopularity doesn’t faze NBC.
√ MSNBC: Aren’t we past opposing Obamacare yet?
√ Radio Shack to close 8000 stores!
√ Facebook’s Zucherberg complains to Obama.
√ Feinstein incensed over NSA spying on her computer.
√ Safety nets being erected under the Golden Gate Bridge.
√ LA Times reporter fired for having affair with a source.
√ Why Robert Duvall is leaving the Republican Party.

It is Friday. Sit back and relax with some fun news from Jodi Miller.
Take it away, Jodi!