Obamacare exchange “accidentally” enrolls thousands of illegal aliens

By Tom Quiner

I’ve got good news and bad news.
First the bad news: the Obamacare exchange in Oregon signed up  thousands of illegal aliens.
Now the good news: officials say it was an accident.
I’ve got more good news. It’s Friday, time for NewsBusted ace investigative reporter, Jodi Miller, to report all the news that’s unfit to print for the liberal mainstream media.
Jodi has enough scoops to make your head swim and your gut convulse with laughter:
√ How Obamacare affects Obama’s popularity.
√ Young African-Americans are racist!
√ Obamacare exchange “accidentally” enrolls illegal aliens.
√ Thousands of Cuban dissidents being arrested.
√ Shock! Detroit now most expensive city in which to live!
√ Do people really support the Keystone Pipeline?
√ New NHL team formed!
√ Double shock! Governor Jerry Brown opposes legalization of marijuana.
Sit back and prepare to laugh. The weekend is here!
Take it away, Jodi Miller!