"Our abortion-ravaged Iowa"

By Tom Quiner

I’m on vacation en route to an internet-free wilderness.
I checked in on my Facebook page this morning before I lost my signal and saw a commentary by my friend, Jenifer Bowen, who runs Iowa Right to Life.  It is worth sharing:

“Tonight Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is hosting a big, splashy retirement party in Des Moines for their outgoing CEO, Jill June. They’re calling it “‪#‎CeleJillaBration‬”.
In their own words, after her 30 years there, they’ll “celebrate and toast the accomplishments of their long-time fearless leader.”
All I can think about are the tens of thousands of babies who brutally lost their lives to abortion under her reign. And their mothers—many of whom, consumed with real fear, allowed themselves to be coerced into abortions.

The horror stories that I’ve heard from these women will break your heart and leave your blood boiling.
So as they toast themselves tonight—endless tears stream down my face as I hear the haunting cries of thousands of our unborn children who never had the chance to live ~ breathe ~ dream.
That is the real legacy Jill June leaves our abortion-ravaged Iowa.”

Well-said, Jenifer. Keep up the good work.