The cult of human regression

By Tom Quiner

“A particularly apt headline [“The black, unbeating heart of the pro abortion cult”]! I think that the pro-death crowd are a part of the larger cult of the secular ‘progressive.’ “

This quote comes from Quiner’s Diner reader and fellow blogger, xPraetorius. He exposes the heartlessness of so-called “progressives,” always using quote marks since their label is the antithesis of their belief system. He continues:

“How revealing that the members of the cult always favor the outcome that leaves someone dead.

Just as tellingly, the ones who end up dead are always the weak, who have managed somehow to become inconvenient to the powerful.

On what side to you think the abortion zealots will be in the upcoming “debate” over killing inconvenient old people?

Yep: the side where the inconvenient old person ends up dead… most likely the “rationale” will be “compassion” and “choice” and “dignity.”

Whenever so-called “progressives” (quotes are because their beliefs do not represent human progress) start talking about “compassion,” and “choice,” run for the hills! Someone is about to end up dead.

And all this from the people who pretend they are on the side of the weak and the defenseless and the downtrodden.”

Thank-you, xPraetorius. Come again.