The pro life world blasts the main stream media

By Tom Quiner

Viewers are customers.

Television networks desperately need us to watch their news shows so they can generate more ad revenues.

Interestingly, Fox News has higher news ratings than all of the television broadcast and cable news sources. Why? Perhaps it is because viewers perceive them to be more “fair and balanced.”

Take last week’s March for Life in Washington D.C. The mainstream media didn’t consider it news. As this blog reported last week, the big three broadcast networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC ignored the story except for the 15 seconds CBS reluctantly doled out.

The pro life movement is a cause that animates tens of millions Americans. We seek out news on the subject. When the mainstream media blacks out big news events related to human abortion, such as a March for Life or a Kermit Gosnell murder trial, we feel snubbed. Even more we are resentful of so-called journalists who place ideology ahead of objective reporting.

Pro life groups aren’t going to take it anymore. Nineteen pro life organizations banded together with the Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell to blast the media for their non-reporting of the March for Life. Here’s a sampling:

“If 200,000 people showed up in Washington to protest in favor of almost any other cause, it would be considered national news by nearly every newspaper or network. The decision to ignore America’s biggest march yet again shows that U.S. mainstream media, including the Big Three networks, has no interest in reporting on anything that might harm its agenda — and nothing undercuts that agenda more than hundreds of thousands of mostly young people coming to D.C. to support life.”

John-Henry Westen
Editor-in-Chief Co-Founder,

“The media blackout of this gigantic march shows how proud these journalists are to wear their politics on their sleeve. They do a disservice to the public, which accounts for why they are held in such low regard.”

Bill Donahue
President, The Catholic League

“We don’t March for Life in the hope of media coverage, but it defies logic that the largest, longest-active and still-growing civil rights movement can be overlooked or judged not newsworthy.”

Fr. Frank Pavone
President, Priests for Life

“It amazes me that the media can ignore a half of a million people peacefully raising their voices in protest but act like sharks in a feeding frenzy over the Ferguson and New York protests.  Perhaps if we walked with our arms up and chanted ‘hands up, don’t abort’ or ‘I can’t breathe,’ they would have covered it. Just as black lives matter, all lives matter.  Their silence shows their bias and their fear of showing the world that this is the pro-life generation.”

Bryan Kemper
President, Stand True Pro-Life Outreach

“The continued media blackout on abortion disregards the primary obligation of journalism: to accurately report, investigate, and tell truth without bias. While mainstream media perpetuate a silence on the March for Life, the unjust killing of 3,000 preborn children in the womb by abortion continues each and every day. We must speak for society’s littlest and weakest members, and give voice to those who are the victims of the greatest human rights abuse of our day.”

Lila Rose
President, Live Action

This is the type of pressure the MSM needs to feel if they hope to retain their customers, their viewers.

Right now, we don’t feel respected by them.


  1. mamaemme on January 28, 2015 at 6:35 am

    Black lives matter unless they are aborted black lives; what hypocrisy!!

    • quinersdiner on January 28, 2015 at 6:51 am

      It is really hard to think otherwise. Thanks for writing.