Want to win the youth vote? Be pro life.

By Tom Quiner


Conservative blogger, Matt Walsh, spoke at a pro life rally yesterday in Washington D.C. as a prelude to today’s March for Life.

He had an interesting observation:

“Crazy. I’m always told that young people, especially young women, aren’t interested in being pro life and anti abortion.

I’m told that liberal values are new and fresh and hip.

I’m told that the pro life movement is a conspiracy of old white men.

But then I went and spoke at the March for Life youth rally today, and, man, I could have sworn the place was packed with young people, especially young women.

And the March for Life tomorrow will be swarming with thousands and thousands of young people. In fact, the pro life movement is largely fueled by young people and run by young people.

Yet, hmm, they still say you’ll lose the youth if you’re too pro life. It’s the strangest thing, isn’t it?”