Welcome to Hillary’s world

By Tom Quiner

Scott Gration was fired by the State Department for using a private e-mail account.

His boss? Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton herself used a private e-mail account when she was Secretary of State. Now she says it doesn’t matter.

She tells us to trust her.

And yet she won’t let anyone inspect her private e-mail servers, which she used in violation of government policy for official state business.

She won’t allow an outside, independent agency review her subpoenaed e-mails records.

She won’t tell us who made the decision on which e-mails should be turned over to the State Department for official archiving.

She acknowledged she has destroyed half of her e-mails that she determined to be private, you know, stuff about Chelsea’s wedding plans and her yoga lessons.

Of course, she has something to hide. She probably has much to hide.

For example, her deceit on the tragic Benghazi attack would probably be fleshed out in an unflattering, and perhaps, perjurious way.

For example, it might come to light that her influence had been purchased via the Clinton Foundation by foreign powers vying for favors.

Conservatives expect the worse out of Ms. Clinton, thanks to her consistent track record of lie first, and hedge later.

Liberals understand that Ms. Clinton is deficient in the integrity gene, but are willing to give her a pass as long as she protects human abortion, gay marriage, and an emasculated America. In other words, as long as she continues President Obama’s policies.

Independent voters understand that a vote for Hillary is a vote for a return to the unrelenting sleaze and dramas of the nineties. That’s why Ms. Clinton has a problem.

Does it seem a tad bit hypocritical that Scott Gration lost his job as Ambassador to Kenya for the same offense that Hillary Clinton says is irrelevant in her quest for the White House?

Welcome to Hillary’s world.

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  1. stevegreer1 on March 13, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    Well, hypocrisy is her middle name!