Human abortion increases the isolation rape victims feel

By Tom Quiner

A woman is raped.

It’s horrible.

It gets worse, she’s pregnant from her rapist.

Here is the life-altering question: to abort or not to abort?

A website called Life Dynamics addresses the issue and reveals a viewpoint the mainstream media never covers: women who were raped, who gave birth, and were glad they chose life.

The site gives a voice to women who were conceived through rape and who thank their mothers for allowing them to live. You can watch a quick clip above and follow the link to hear more.

I met a woman who faced this decision and decided to give birth to the child of her rapist. Even more, she raised him. She asserts that “surveys” reveal counter-intuitive results, namely, that rape victims who bear the child of their rapist are glad they did; but that women who abort regret it.

I wrote about this awhile back, and a Quiner’s Diner reader pressed me for corroborration.

I did a little digging. The source for this finding comes from a book called Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault, edited by Dr. David C. Reardon, Julie Makimaa and Amy Sobie.

They surveyed rape victims to accumulate some raw data. But even more, far more, they listened to their stories.

I didn’t expect these results. Here’s what Dr. Reardon learned:

“Many of the women in our sample aborted only because they were pressured to do so, and most reported that the abortion only increased their experience of grief and trauma. In contrast, none of the women who carried to term said they wished they had not given birth or that they had chosen abortion instead. Many of these women said that their children had brought peace and healing to their lives.”

Irrational, isn’t it? A baby should be a symbol of hate, not love, for victims of rape. That is what our intuition says. That is what our culture says. The Democratic Party bases their human abortion platform on this premise.

Dr. Reardon learned from victims themselves that the opposite was true:

“Abortion increases the woman’s sense of isolation and shame by allowing others to pretend the problem doesn’t exist. By getting rid of the pregnancy, which is a reminder of the sexual assault, it allows other people to ignore the woman’s need for understanding and honest exploration and resolution of what she has been through.”

Here’s what hits me like a ton of bricks. Advocates of abortion “rights” club us over the head with the need for abortion on behalf of victims of rape and incest. Dr. Reardon’s research reveals that they’re just plain wrong.

By the way, his study includes victims of incest.

Somehow, love for human life is ultimately more therapeutic, more powerful, than hate for the rapist.

Love trumps hate, something Jesus always said.

Dr. Reardon gives us a cautionary warning:

“Population controllers have exploited people’s compassion for rape and incest victims to weaken abortion laws and gain acceptance for abortion on demand. It’s time to give these women a chance to speak out for themselves and let the truth be known.”

Life Dynamics does just that.

To the victims of rape and incest, I can simply say I’m so very sorry for your pain.

I hope this post serves a purpose.


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