Hillary’s integrity chasm

By Tom Quiner

Integrity is the foundational virtue of leadership.

Liberals get it. They concocted an integrity gap in an attempt to destroy George W. Bush’s presidency. You recall their false mantra:

“Bush lied and people died.”

They knew that once people stop trusting the president, his/her ability to lead is compromised. Their discredited narrative nonetheless helped them regain control of Congress as enough voters bought into the Left’s slur of a decent man to pull the “D” lever.

Integrity matters.

Hillary Clinton isn’t just afflicted with an integrity gap, she has succumbed to an integrity chasm. It is easy for the public to get numbed to her unyielding pursuit of deceit.

It is non-stop.

We expect it from her.

And yet is poison. It is imperative for the media and the blogosphere to keep her dishonesty gene in front of potential voters. But we certainly can’t count on the mainstream media to do it.

Her latest oily obfuscations on her e-mail correspondences are a fresh reminder of her relentless rectitude impairment.

You remember Benghazi? It is still relevant.

Four Americans, including our Ambassador, are killed on U.S. soil. Remember, any U.S. embassy is considered to be our homeland. The attack was an act of war.

Ms. Clinton and the president immediately lied. They said it was a spontaneous uprising.

It wasn’t … and they knew it.

They said it was caused by an inflammatory anti-Muslim posted by an American on Youtube.

That had nothing to do with it.

Lie. Lie.

So now Congress is in the third year of investigating the tragedy, which requires access to the Secretary of State’s correspondence, which leads to her latest derisive discombobulations.

In March, she told us that she had turned over all e-mails “that could possibly be work-related” to investigators. That is her freshest deceit.

And she asserted that none were classified. More deceit, it turns out.

Even worse, the State Department now admits that in at least six separate e-mails, Hillary altered them before handing them over.

Even more, some 45 subpoenaed e-mails were discovered that should have been turned over to Congress, but were withheld.

Everything Hillary Clinton touches turns into a lie.

She may be a great candidate for a reality show, but not the presidency.

This cynical nation thirsts for a man or woman of integrity to lead us. That person is not Hillary Clinton.



  1. Bob Zimmerman on July 7, 2015 at 10:31 am

    There is an understandable trend for decent conservatives to feel more than a hint of despondency when we consider that the American voters put the smoothest liar in history into the White House… TWICE!… Electing the most underqualified president in history once is almost understandable, considering his phenomenal gift of crafting lies into a lovely tapestry of “Hope and Change”, when this tapestry only served to cover the pile of fertilizer this man really is. But when the voters elected him again, after 4 years of nothing but proven lies and no real plan to make good on any of his promises, well that says something more about what is really happening. Something darker is at play. Hillary seems to be the perfect successor for what the American voters want. I’ve never more wanted to be wrong in my life.

    • quinersdiner on July 7, 2015 at 11:00 am

      I think you are wrong. The next election is Republican’s to lose. They have half-a-dozen candidates who could beat Hillary. Having said that, Bob, they could still select a clunker and blow it. Let’s hope not.

  2. bigdogatplay on July 7, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Reblogged this on the view from out west.

  3. encourage the faithful on July 9, 2015 at 8:08 am

    Chaos always ensues when the moral law is ignored. Most Americans are secular humanists when it comes to their actions. Look at how Hillary and Barack identify as Christians yet flout the moral laws of Christianity! Most Americans take license with the moral law. I take the word “license” to mean that not only do people sin, but they do so egregiously; they twist and skew and run amok and that is how chaos comes about in society. The original meaning of the word must surely have been as a descriptive to Godlessness in the world.

    If I did not truly believe that God is passing judgment right now and is deeply involving Himself in this wretched time of our lives I would be despondent. In my difficult days, I look at the world and wonder just how much worse it could get. How much more upside-down can the world become when almost all moral truth is already being co-opted by evil men who then are affecting all the sheeple?

    The rest of us are the remnant who were humbled into following our Lord and Savior even as He was humbled into becoming a mortal man for us. We each received and accepted the grace of humility. Hillary and Obama still worship the creature. Both of them sexually perverted, both of them loving themselves above everything and everyone else, and in their gross pride, seeking to love themselves in someone else of the same sex. I would call that God’s judgment on them!

    An integrity chasm? Even the word “chasm” may not be descriptive enough for Hillary.

    • quinersdiner on July 9, 2015 at 8:29 am

      Thanks for your eloquent response. Yes, “chasm” may understate things.