Democrats treat them as sex objects

By Tom Quiner

Human abortion apologists objectify the fetus.

In a sense, they view her as a “sex object.” In other words, she is simply an object created by the sex act.

She has no moral or intrinsic worth to these people other than through the sale of her body parts to the highest bidder.

To them she has less value than a functioning gall bladder, and is more bothersome than an appendix gone bad.

Workers in human abortion factories typically characterize her as a “blob of tissue,” as Live Action Films captured on one of their undercover videos.

Those who profit economically and politically from human abortion deny her humanity, claiming that because she is non-autonomous and potentially inconvenient, her 14th Amendment rights are relegated to the whims of another person.

And yet her humanity is obvious.

She has her own, unique purpose.

She has her own, unique destiny.

She has her own, unique human DNA.

She even has her own, unique human fingerprints.

She is so much more than a sex object with which Democratic politicians and Planned Parenthood supporters have labeled her. She is a person.

She may be small, but her dignity is large. It’s time for Democrats to stop treating her as a sex object and stand up for society’s most vulnerable.