Well no, Hillary, I don’t enjoy it

By Tom Quiner

pantsonfireHillary Clinton actually took a question on the campaign trail.

An earnest voter asked her:

“You said earlier that you wanted to end corruption. But how can you do that after the Whitewater scandals, Benghazi and your deleted emails?”

Her response:

“Well, I wish you’d go back and read the history of the 1990s. There were unfortunately a lot of partisans who thought that the best way to work with my husband’s administration was through attacks of all kinds.”

In other words, it was that ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ that was the root cause of all her problems. None of the myriad scandals that constantly swirl around the Clintons has anything to do with them, in her view. Rather, they are concocted by right-wing partisan attack dogs.

Then, in full snark mode, she purred:

“I advise you to go read my 11 hours of testimony. I hope you enjoy it.”

Well, Hillary, I have reviewed it. I don’t like the fact that you lied about the root cause of the Benghazi attack.

Well, Hillary, I don’t like the way that you blamed it on an American-made YouTube video instead of on a Muslim-made planned terrorist attack, when you KNEW Muslims were the bad guys, not some doofus American.

Well, Hillary, I don’t like it when you said you lost sleep over the loss of American life in Benghazi. And yet you didn’t give Ambassador Stevens your e-mail when he was begging for increased security. You didn’t stick around while our embassy burned, but instead you went home for some shut eye.

Well, Hillary, I don’t like it that you didn’t talk to then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey during or immediately after the attack.

Well, Hillary, I don’t like that you said you didn’t use left-wing partisan attack dog, Sidney Blumenthal as an advisor, when you clearly did.

Well, Hillary, I don’t like it that you said you were transparent about your e-mails, when even the State Department admits you weren’t.

Well, Hillary, I don’t like it when you said Ambassador Stevens felt “comfortable on the ground” when his team asked for more security 600 times.

And, Hillary, I really don’t like your snarky attitude to a very legitimate question which focuses on the essence of leadership: integrity.

You don’t have it, and you don’t care that you don’t have it.

Well, in other words, Hillary, I don’t enjoy your deceit.

And that’s the honest truth.



  1. parrillaturi on October 30, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    The ladies on the view, especially Whoopi, criticized the Reps, for not having the fortitude to answer the questions posed to them. But, they will not tell Hillary the same, as they are too blinded by their gullibility. Hillary will always dance around questions that do require an honest answer, which she can’t deliver, due to her dishonest character. Blessings.

    • quinersdiner on October 30, 2015 at 2:29 pm

      So true. And blessings right back at you!