Will Democrats continue to downplay the ISIS threat?

By Tom Quiner

Knife-Wielding ISIS loyalists beheaded an 86 year old French priest as he said Mass earlier today.

The killers also took some nuns and worshipers as hostages, one of whom was gravely injured and hovers near death.

A couple of weeks earlier, an ISIS supporter killed 84 in Nice, France and wounded another 202.

On July 1st, in Bangladesh, seven people were taken hostage by ISIS loyalists who demanded that they quote passages of the Koran from memory. They couldn’t. Each was executed.

ISIS’ international carnage in recent months¬†include slaughterous attacks in Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Florida, Belgium, Yemen, Indonesia, and Pennsylvania, with multiple attacks in many of the countries mentioned.

These attacks are only ISIS-related, and don’t include all of the attacks and deaths attributed to other Muslim-motivated terrorist groups. [When you include all such attacks, 2055 people were killed in the name of Mohammad last month and another 2006 were injured.]

This leads me to the Democratic National Convention. Sixty-one speeches were given during the first day of the convention yesterday. Not one speaker mentioned ISIS.

The party doesn’t even like to use the term Islamic Terrorism. Barack Obama once smugly referred to ISIS as the ‘jayvee team.’

In light of the serious threat ISIS presents to the world, we can’t bury our heads in the sand any longer. Let us hope someone emerges at this convention with the courage to acknowledge the ISIS threat and present strategies to destroy them.