Muslim terrorists murder more Christians in Egypt this Palm Sunday

In my previous post, I reflected on Psalm 22. Christ Himself invoked the psalmist as He hung on the cross on Good Friday with the lament, “My God, why have you abandoned me?”

Christians living in the Mideast and North Africa surely must feel the same. They are being murdered, raped, burned, and expelled by Muslim persecutors while the West seems to keep their outrage in check.

On this Palm Sunday, 2017, the atrocities continue as ISIS attacked two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt, killing 43 and injuring 100…

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Will Democrats continue to downplay the ISIS threat?

ISIS’ international carnage in recent months include slaughterous attacks in Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Florida, Belgium, Yemen, Indonesia, and Pennsylvania, with multiple attacks in many of the countries mentioned.

These attacks are only ISIS-related, and don’t include all of the attacks and deaths attributed to other Muslim-motivated terrorist groups. [When you include all such attacks, 2055 people were killed in the name of Mohammad last month and another 2006 were injured.]

This leads me to the Democratic National Convention…

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Why I don’t like Trump

Ronald Reagan showed Republicans how to win:
1. Present positive, conservative ideas that are directly linked to the American creed.
2. Promote a big, inclusive tent.
3. Stive to unite, not divide.
Donald Trump does none of these…

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More dishonesty from the Obama administration?

Barack Obama infamously dismissed ISIS as the ‘jayvee team.’

This is the same jayvee team that has commandeered a big chunk of Iraq.

This is the same jayvee team that has raped, beheaded, and mutilated thousands of innocents, regardless of age.

This is the same jayvee team that is scrubbing the Mideast of any vestige of Christianity.

So how are things going against these “punks?” Swimmingly, if you listen to the president’s men. Terrible, if you listen to the guys on the ground.…

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“A message in blood”

Tyrants never learn.

Like their Roman predecessors, the Islamic tyrants killing Christians will lose. As Fr. Robert Barron points out in the video commentary above, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.

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