“Abortion is *$*%*@ awesome!”

By Tom Quiner

I received this press release from Iowa Right to Life a few years ago:

“Abortion is *$*%*@ awesome!”  So screamed one young man at the more 60 people praying at the recent 40 Days for Life Kick-Off Rally in Ankeny.

The angry screams and gestures have intensified all across Iowa and our country. Yet, truthfully it only serves to strengthen our resolve, our dedication to standing on the sidewalks outside abortion clinics. It’s simply what we must do when we know babies are slated to be killed and their mothers irreparably damaged, emotionally if not physically too.

If you have joined a local prayer vigil, thank you.  Thank you for standing for life.  If you have not yet joined us, please consider doing so.  We can say with certainty – you will be changed.  You just might be the one that is used on an ordinary day to save a life.”

The expletive from the man probably made him feel good. “Boy, that really put them in their place,” may have been his mindset as he hurled his invective at the praying crowd at Planned Parenthood. And profanity is often a tool of the inarticulate.

He does pose an interesting question, don’t you think? An entire political party thinks abortion IS awesome. So what could possibly be awesome about abortion? I think the human abortion crowd would identify three “awesome” aspects of unfettered human abortion:

1. It is fair. After all, human abortion simply removes a fetus, not a person, from the womb. What is wrong with that? Even more, so many of these fetuses would be born into poverty and wouldn’t stand a chance in life. There is a certain fairness in saving these poor souls from a potential life in poverty.

2. It is just. Men have been able to shirk the responsibilities of procreation down through the ages. Human abortion justly liberates women, in essence leveling the playing field between genders.

3. It is logical. The world has too many people and limited resources. Human abortion is an effective population control mechanism. Even more, much of the social pathology in America sadly emanates from within the African-American community. With over half of all African-American fetuses being aborted, human abortion is a politically-correct and pragmatic way to thin out this problematic sector of our population. And it is being done voluntarily by the African-American community itself. Their birth rate has fallen below replacement level in fulfillment of Margaret Sanger’s legacy.

But is human abortion fair? Why isn’t a fetus a person? He or she has human DNA. Cells are dividing and growing from the instant of conception, so he or she is a living being. It is the obligation of those who think human abortion is awesome to prove that the fetus ISN’T a person, not the other way around.

Is human abortion just? Why should biological differences between men and women be an excuse to kill an innocent bystander, the preborn human being thriving in the mother’s womb?

Is human abortion really logical? In fact, fertility birth rates are in decline in much of the first world. Some demographers suggest the world’s population will peek in fifty years and then begin to decline. Even more, black genocide in the U.S. is an obscenity. The same people who think human abortion is *$*%*@ awesome ignore this tragedy unfolding in our neighborhoods on a daily basis.

No, human abortion is not *$*%*@ awesome.


  1. d. knapp on October 17, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    With some thought, prayer and effort a woman can prevent herself being used and thrown away by men of bad intentions. A woman who throws herself at any man that will have her is just asking to be abandoned. I found being nonforthcoming in my dating years was enough to run off a worthless guy. The guy that talks all evening and goes home date after date without hitting a “home run” and keeps coming back for more philosophical, political and theological talk watch good movies is the one to keep. My husband and I teach our girl how to NOT be the most “popular girl in the neighborhood”. The killing of babies for convenience is something also being guided ALOT by men. A gal should keep herself to herself until she has made the guy invest some real time, effort, money, emotion etc.in the girl. We need to stop viewing each failed relationship as just the one that came before the next and after the last. Relationships should stop being like cars…something people have a lot of in their lifetimes. babies would then be just that…BABIES,which are gifts of God.

    • quinersdiner on October 20, 2016 at 10:42 am

      Amen, sister!