Muslim terrorists murder more Christians in Egypt this Palm Sunday

By Tom Quiner

In my previous post, I reflected on Psalm 22. Christ Himself invoked the psalmist as He hung on the cross on Good Friday with the lament, “My God, why have you abandoned me?”

Christians living in the Mideast and North Africa surely must feel the same. They are being murdered, raped, burned, and expelled by Muslim persecutors while the West seems to keep their outrage in check.

On this Palm Sunday, 2017, the atrocities continue as ISIS attacked two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt, killing 43 and injuring 100.

In the last week alone, Muslims have launched attacks in 14 countries, killing 373 people. Christians aren’t the only victims, but they have been especially targeted in the territories mentioned above. As Christian refugees pour out of these countries, not only does the U.S. mainstream media offer up subdued coverage, the previous administration favored Muslim refugees over Christian ones.

Why this disconnect? Raymond Ibrahim lays out the bleak mindset of the political left in the excellent Prager University video above. Watch it. Then pause and offer up your prayer for the thousands of victims of Islamic jihad throughout the region.