President Trump honors the drama of June 2nd, 1979

By Tom Quiner

Poland had been brutalized by atheism for nearly four decades.

First, Nazism killed one out of five Poles during World War II. Communism wisked in following the war and tried to suck the economic and spiritual life out of a proud, but wounded nation.

As always with collectivist states, the economy tanked. But the Catholic Church refused to bend to the will of the atheists who declared war on religious freedom.

An uneasy truce between Church and State came to a head on June 2nd, 1979.

The first Slavic Pope, Poland’s native son, Cardinal Carol Wojtyla, returned to his homeland. His first stop: Victory Square in the heart of Warsaw to say Mass.

With one million weary, but hopeful and faithful, Catholic Poles in attendance, the future saint invoked the Holy Spirit.

On the eve of Pentecost, John Paul the Great called upon the Holy Spirit to renew the face of the earth. The Spirit responded immediately, pouring undistilled hope into the souls of an awakened nation.

Typically, it’s not nice to interrupt a priest’s homily. At this Mass, the Pope made an exception. The faithful interrupted JPII, crying out “we want God!” and singing “Christus Vincit, Christus Regnant, Christus Imperat!”

The interruption went on for 14 minutes as the new Pope simply smiled. The faithful knew at that moment that God had won, that the atheists, the communists, the totalitarians and all of their subjugating ilk had lost. They knew it was only a matter of time, and in fact, it only took another decade until the Soviet Union was dead, destroyed by the crushing love of the Holy Spirit.

DEDS6UwU0AAwwZTSuch a moment in human history.

President Trump paid tribute to this epic slice of 20th century history today by referencing the crowd’s chant that day. God bless you, Mr. President. Can you imagine Barack Obama saying such a thing?

This moment inspired me to write the musical, “The Pope of the People, the John Paul II Musical,” several years ago. The clip above is called “We want God!” inspired by the events of June 2nd, 1979.

“Send out your Holy Spirit, renew the face of the earth.”

Thank-you most Holy Trinity for another answered prayer.

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  1. parrillaturi on July 6, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    This is a very moving post, and a great tribute to the Pope, and the people of Poland, who maintained their faith. They did not waiver, but continued trusting in Him. Their faith and tenacity, moved the Lord in said fashion. Thank God we have a President who’s not afraid to call on God. In response to your statement…. No! Obama would not have said that, for fear of offending those who do not follow Christ. His so called image and agenda came first, and the heck with pleasing our Lord. Blessings.