The Tactic of Deceit

By Iowans for LIFE “Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day.” Says who? Says ten year old Milo Cress, that’s who. Young Milo became convinced that drinking straws pollute our oceans. He put together a campaign called “we go strawless.” As John Stossel points out, the media, environmentalists, and leftist politicians all embraced his…

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America’s poverty problem

Economists break earners into five quintiles.

In a study produced by the Cato Institute’s John F. Early, the former assistant commissioner for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, something strange happened to the 5th quintile (the poorest Americans) during the Obama years.

They had virtually the same spending power as the 3rd and 4th quintiles. In other words, those who weren’t working had just about as money for discretionary spending as those who were working and paying taxes a few notches up the economic chain thanks to our lavish social safety net.

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Charles Krauthammer died yesterday. Do you know what is amazing? Conservatives and liberals alike share heartfelt loss at his passing.

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The latest immigration crisis

The wailing and gnashing of teeth from the mainstream media and the political left (pardon the redundancy) regarding the latest immigration crisis has reach a decibel level unlike anything I’ve heard since, well, the last crisis concocted by the left. Let’s talk immigration.

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The market place really sucks, doesn’t it?

In Washington DC, the left is trying to dramatically raise the minimum wage for these food service workers, even though 97% of them don’t want it. Why? The Left wants to force them into unions by getting rid of tipping and forcing all their earnings into a payroll item into which the union can dip for dues.

Waiters and waitresses know that they can make more money with tips than a flat wage. They also know that 40% of them will lose their job, based on history in other places, as higher wages are forced onto their employers who operate on thin margins.

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