“I was fired because I was a white woman”

By Tom Quiner Picture the scene: Screaming pro lifers take over a college campus. A young journalist approaches the chanting mob to get their story. Their spokesperson, who happens to be a white woman and a professor at that college, screams at the journalist to leave. When the journalist says he has a First Amendment…

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Are Black people as dumb as liberals think they are?

Sorry for the provocative headline.

No, Black people aren’t dumb. On the other hand, honorable people can debate the common sense and sagacity of liberals.

I post the video above by Ami Horowitz for your viewing pleasure. You need to see it in light of the email I just received from the head of the Democratic Party, Tom Perez:

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Abolish hate crime legislation

This is an ugly story that makes me ashamed to be a white guy:

Two white men and two white women kidnapped a mentally handicapped young black man. They dragged him to an apartment building, bound him, gagged him, terrorized him. They cut his scalp and hair. They mocked him for his race. As they abused him, they actually video taped the assault and posted it on Facebook to publicize their revulsion for the vulnerable young man with black skin. And for the final act of humiliation, they forced him to say these words, which I am editing in the name of decency: “F*#k black people. F*#k Barack Obama.”

Here is my question to you: is this news?

And … is this a hate crime?

Okay, you know what I’m doing. The crime described above is not …

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Liberal historian blames Democratic election repudiation on racism

“I don’t think it has anything to do with him personally, except that he’s a black man. The election of Trump was a gut-level response to what many Americans interpreted as an insult eight years ago, and have been seething against ever since. The only way you can see Trump as somehow Obama’s fault is Obama’s very being. It’s ontological.”

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Let us go slowly on the Minnesota shooting

What went wrong in Ferguson?

There was a rush to judgement. A cop was tried by the press for shooting Michael Brown and found guilty.

The president and assorted Democratic politicians were quick to indict the police before an investigation even began.

When the dust had settled, when cooler heads had conducted a detailed investigation, when forensic evidence was analyzed, the officer who shot Michael Brown was exonerated of any wrong doing.

It was determined he shot Brown in self defense.

We have another shooting in Minneapolis that has saturated airwaves…

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The heartless minimum wage

Nationally, the unemployment rate for black teenagers is six times that of the general population, and double that of the general teen population. These gaps don’t seem to change, and will get far worse if the president and his party have their way and increase the wage to fifteen dollars per hour.

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