The time has come to abolish the IRS. Here’s how … 8

The time has come to change the way we raise money for the legitimate needs of our government.

Imagine a system that doesn’t require tax returns. The IRS would no longer be needed and would be shut down.

Imagine a system that doesn’t require withholding tax. In other words, imagine a system that lets you keep your entire paycheck, even, and especially if you’re a pensioner.

Imagine a progressive system that eliminates all taxes for people living beneath the poverty level, and yet collects dramatically more money from the wealthiest? More…

At least his foreign policy has been good Reply

Is there a lesson here for Republicans? I think there is. I would not get too excited at advancing the cause of a certain conservative Senator who has but two years of experience on the national stage.

We need an experienced adult to try to undo some of the damage the Obama Government has inflicted on the world, not a conservative version of Mr. Obama. More…