Democrats’ uncompromising support for intrinsic evil 17

“Tom, if you don’t like abortion, don’t have one.”

This was the insincere advice I received from a liberal Catholic friend who votes Democrat. Always.

Then I heard from another liberal Catholic:

“Although I’m personally opposed to abortion, I can’t tell another woman what she can do with her own body.”

There are two implications in these statements: More…

Brief thoughts on the latest mass killings 4

By Tom Quiner

I’m not surprised.

It’s a horrible thing to say, but the latest mass killings in Santa Barbara didn’t even make the front page of the Des Moines Register.

Mass killing is losing its ability to shock. They keep happening, typically perpetrated by some disaffected young person looking to get revenge against a world that hasn’t treated them the way they want.

Quick thoughts …

1. Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the family. It’s easy to view the victims as abstractions, but they’re not. Real people have had their lives turned upside down. I offer sincere prayers to the victims’ survivors.

2. Half of the victims were killed by knife. A deranged person will find ways to kill, regardless of the weapon. The problem is not guns, the problem is diagnosing, treating, and perhaps even confining the dangerously mentally ill.

3. It’s not easy diagnosing, treating, and confining the dangerously mentally ill. The ACLU has made it tough. And the police are not properly equipped to do the job, evidenced by the fact that Santa Barbara police confronted the killer on three separate occasions, characterizing him as …

“perfectly polite, kind and [a] wonderful human.”

4. Are these mass killings more rotten fruit from the “self-esteem” movement? I don’t know. It’s probably a stretch. The self-esteem movement has produced an army of narcissists who demand that nothing make them feel “uncomfortable.” The latest mass killer raged against young women because he couldn’t find any to have sex with him. He felt ‘uncomfortable’ about this. The solution for a nutcase? Kill as many people as possible.

I’m probably grasping at straws, like the rest of the world, as we try to understand what to do about mentally ill people who want to do you and me harm.

No one will be surprised when the next attack takes place.

Religious freedom is the foundation of the American Dream 9

You own a bakery. You’re Catholic. You are in love with your faith and strive mightily to live your faith, not just in your private life, but your public life. One day, two men walk in your door and ask you to bake them a “wedding cake.” You tell them that because of your religious convictions, you cannot honor their request, that your faith defines a marriage as being between one man and one woman. The men sue, citing discrimination. Welcome to the flashpoint of modern culture, where tolerance meets intolerance … More…

In today’s news: porn is good, God is bad Reply

By Tom Quiner

Prayer is harmful for students.

On the other hand, porn is good for inmates.

This is the strange dichotomy presented to us today by agents of the Democratic Party.

Let’s start in Texas.  There, Chief U.S. District Judge Fred Biery ruled that the Medina Valley Independent School District may not allow a prayer at their graduation ceremonies.  Even more, the judge, will not allow certain words and phrases to be uttered by anyone during the ceremony because they will offend a son of atheist parents who filed a law school against the district.  The parents, Christa and Danny Schultz, said this God talk will do “irreparable harm” to their son.

These are some of the words and phrases that Judge Biery will not allow to be uttered in order to prevent irreparable harm to the atheists present:

• in [a deity’s name] we pray

• join in prayer

• bow our heads

• amen

• prayer

He forced the district to remove the words “invocation” and “benediction” from the graduation program. He threatened jail time and other sanctions should any of his wishes be violated.

The good judge was appointed by President Clinton, a Democrat.

Meanwhile, over in South Carolina, another Democratic pressure group, the ACLU, are in court to protect the rights of inmates to consume porn.

For the record, the ACLU denies that is their intent. They’re upset that the Berkeley County Detention Center in Moncks Corner, S.C. allows inmates to read paperback Bibles and not much else.

The prison runs a tight ship. No publications with staples are allowed, because the staples can be used as a weapon. And they want to keep all suggestive content and photos away from inmates to keep them from getting too riled up. Many female correction officers are employed at the prison. But the ACLU’s injunction was so broadly written that prison officials claim it will open the door to porn should they prevail.

Here’s what we’re left with: agents of the Democratic Party want to limit free speech for students and expand it for inmates; they want to remove God from the public square at the same time they want to introduce more porn into the prison population.

Porn is good?

God is bad?

That’s the takeway thoughts for today, brought to us by the political left.

Have a nice weekend.