A small man says adieu 17

By Tom Quiner

Barack Obama says goodbye tonight.

Good riddance. I shan’t listen.

Mr. Obama’s tenure as caretaker of the world’s greatest democracy has been a total bust. His failed presidency was built on disingenuous promises, a sneering disregard for the rule of law, and an unrelenting blame game when he didn’t get his way.

His smug contempt of conservative Christians who “clinged to their Bibles and guns” was on full display for eight solid years. Hope and change was a sham, no, make that a scam. Ultimately, Mr. Obama is a man without honor or integrity.

I will not miss him.

Get to know the guy Obama is trying to put out of business 3

My headline isn’t totally fair.

Barack Obama isn’t directly responsible for trying to put Jack Phillips out of business. But he is indirectly responsible.

He has championed the so-called same-sex marriage movement which unleashed a political movement which targeted Christian businesses.

Liberalism as practiced by Barack Obama is extremely adept at destroying things, whether it is our healthcare system or the coal industry; whether it is jobs … or a humble baker.

Jack Phillips is the latter. He has been targeted. Will his business survive?

The jury is out. Watch this video to put a human face on another victim of American liberalism as practiced by Barack Obama and his government. More…