Obama’s flaw is good news for conservatives

Much of the Obama legacy can be undone fairly quickly if Republicans regain the White House. If the president had enacted these changes via legislative action, much like Mr. Clinton and Mr. Reagan did, they would be difficult to undo.

But Mr. Obama didn’t do it the old-fashioned, American, democratic way, because he’s a lousy, preening politician who thinks he knows what’s best for the ‘little guy.’

Instead, he crammed it down our throats with his pen…

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The truth about Ronald Reagan

In this presidential cycle with Obama deficits on full display, Reagan’s record is invoked to make the case that Obama’s profligacy isn’t so bad after all.

One of the most tired diatribes has been the one that says “Reagan drove up the deficits and it took Clinton to fix it.”

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Let us revisit Iraq WMDs … again

For the record, here is specifically what the President said:

“Saddam Hussein has huge stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons. And some day, some way, I guarantee you, he’ll use the arsenal.”

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Liberals blame Christianity for relentless Islamic mass murder

“It is certainly true that many people in Jerusalem were killed after the Crusaders captured the city. But this must be understood in historical context. The accepted moral standard in all pre-modern European and Asian civilizations was that a city that resisted capture and was taken by force belonged to the victorious forces. That included not just the buildings and goods, but the people as well.”

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‘Bill and Hill’ congratulate Tom Brady

An NFL investigation into the “deflategate” suggests New England Patriot’s QB, Tom Brady, new of the shenanigans.

Mr. Brady is one of the NFL’s marquee stars. He is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played the game. This revelation taints his golden reputation…

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The politics of revulsion

The public doesn’t like Democrats. They like Republicans even less.

All of this revulsion doesn’t bode well for Republicans in the latest round of “continuing resolution” discussions to fund the government at sequester-spending levels …

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The disordered liberal belief system

Bill Clinton joins a parade of liberal politicians who are quickly jettisoning conviction for the sake of politics. Some might say that Bill Clinton isn’t doing this out of politics because he won’t be running for public office again. True, but his wife most likely will. His latest flip-flop gets the issue out of the way now before his wife begins campaigning in two years.

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