The Trump appeal

I oppose the Donald Trump candidacy.

This blog has repeatedly pointed out his deficiencies as a leader and a human being. Clearly, many disagree.

In his video commentary above, Bill Whittle explains the Trump appeal: he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. He’s immune to the Thought Police on the left who have so effectively spread their PC culture to the media, to our entertainment, to our schools, to our workplaces, to our college campuses, and even into our churches.

Even more, says Whittle, Trump advances a consistent message, which he wears on his hat…

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Trust Iran

What is the biggest political issue in the world?

Some could credibly argue human abortion. After all, 125,000 human beings die every day around the world at the hands of human abortionists.

The political left sneers at this contention.

Some would argue that the biggest issue is climate change or gay rights.

The political right sneers at these contentions.

Others would talk about hunger issues or human rights, and they’ll get some supporters from both sides of the aisle.

I think there may be a bigger issue:

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