Charlie Sheen is a microcosm of America

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new data, and it’s bad:

√ Reported cases of gonorrhea are up for 2014, up 4% from the previous year.

√ Same for syphilis, which rose 14%.

√ Same for chlamydia with 1.4 reported million cases.

Most infections occur in teens and you adults in the 15 to 24 year old age. Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause infertility in women…

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The meaning of sex

Two views on sex compete in our culture. One view looks at sex as all about giving. The other sees it as all about taking. Do you know who the foremost expert on human sexuality is?

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"Chastity is for lovers"

The Tampa Bay Times has won ten Pulitzer Prizes.
This venerable paper ran a piece by a staff writer titled, “Why I’m still a virgin at 26.”
Of course you are. In these topsy turvy times, a single woman who publicly acknowledges her virginity in her twenties is more than an anomaly, she is a statistical fluke. Even more, she sets herself up for scorn by those who have turned their back on the virtue of chastity.

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