Trump initiates a good piece of public policy

Donald Trump said anyone who goes to work for his administration is banned from becoming a lobbyist for five years after they leave government service. Morris said Bill Clinton did the same thing, and then rescinded the order right before he left office!

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As Obamacare implodes, the stakes ratchet up

Obamacare is coming to a head.

Thanks to Marco Rubio, the so-called Affordable Health Care Act is set to implode due to sharply rising costs.

Dick Morris provides insight into this coming political issue in the video commentary above. This is good stuff.

It presents opportunity … and peril for conservatives. After listening, you will understand the stakes.

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What Biden’s decision means

“The Justice Department would never indict the putative Democratic candidate for president unless a viable alternative were waiting in the wings. And the reverse is true: Biden’s decision not to run is the clearest indication that no indictment will be forthcoming.”

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The case that could destroy Obamacare

By Tom Quiner [youtube=] Political commentator, Dick Morris, says Obamacare could be destroyed by a court case flying under the radar. The case, Halbig v Sebellius, says that the Affordable Care Act clearly states that health insurance subsidies can only be passed on through state health insurance exchanges, not federal ones. Only 14 states have…

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True or false: America is addicted to abortion.

By Tom Quiner True. America is addicted to abortion. But we’re making slow progress. We can see inside the womb now. Technology has revealed the jaw-dropping beauty of human life from its earliest stages. Nine out of ten abortion-minded women change their mind about abortion once they see the ultrasound of their daughter or son…

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Shame on Dick Morris

By Tom Quiner Dick Morris is an interesting guy. He was a political consultant for Bill Clinton who is credited with salvaging the Clinton Presidency through a political strategy characterized as “triangulation.” Essentially, he convinced Mr. Clinton to move toward the center politically, embracing the best of Democratic and Republican ideas, after HillaryCare had damaged…

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