It’s not a man’s world

Feminist icon, Hillary Clinton, pursues the presidency on the premise that there is a ‘war on women.’

I beg to differ.

I broach the subject after seeing the photo above released by the Huffington Post. It showcases their editorial board. There is not a man in sight.


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The educated team at Fox News

“A friend of mine recently lambasted FOX News as a network “full of college dropouts”. So I decided to do a little checking. Here is their weekday schedule, with all of their regular hosts:”

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Non-biased reporting produces better ratings

By Tom Quiner Fox News has triple the audience as CNN. The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism publishes a report titled “The State of the News Media.” Their 2012 report revealed that the Fox News Channel had 1.9 million viewers compared to 689,000 viewers for CNN. The graphic above might explain why. Note the CNN…

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Assassination attempt on Pope Benedict XVI foiled

By Tom Quiner Five men were arrested in London early this morning accused of plotting an attack on Pope Benedict XVI. This is a big, breaking story. Details will be unfolding today. What is interesting is how CNN and Fox News’ websites have treated the story. CNN’s headline is:  “Arrests amid pope’s visit to London.”…

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