Who actually said this?

“Thank you, Mr. President. With all due respect, John Boehner has called you incompetent, a liar, the emperor with no clothes and, as recently as yesterday, dangerous. How will you work with someone who has such little respect for your leadership and who is third in line to the presidency?”

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Iraq post-mortem

We should not have gone to war in Iraq on March 18, 2003.
Knowing what we know today, few Americans would disagree with that statement.
The Congress at the time disagreed. In bi-partisan votes, both the House and Senate supported the resolution put before them to go to war.
At the time, honorable people did disagree, such as Pope John Paul II:

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Can Republicans be trusted?

By Tom Quiner [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaWBs46USqE] No, Republicans cannot be trusted much more than Democrats. Political parties tend to be about power more than principle. Politicians are willing to fudge (and ‘evolve’) ideology in order to win elections … and reelections. To some extent, this is reasonable. After all, this nation was built by compromise. I recently…

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Political lies vs. political untruths

A lie is determined by intention.
If someone makes a claim knowing the claim is false, that is a lie. He intended to deceive, or lie, by intentionally stating an untruth.
If someone makes a claim he sincerely believed to be true, and it later turns out not to be true, that is not a lie. He did not intend to deceive and believed in the veracity of his claim, even if later events prove those claims wrong.
Most politicians speak untruths at some point, simply because they cannot always control legislative outcomes.
George H. W. Bush famously promised, “Read my lips, no new taxes.”

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The difference between Iraq and Syria is as huge as the difference between Bush and Obama

“So Obama is wrong for wanting to help stop the slaughter of women and children via chemical weapons while Bush got us in two wars on the possibility that Saddam may have chemical weapons. I fail to follow the logic you and many other bashers that seem to take such delight in name calling our commander in chief.

If you are like most of your fellow Obama haters, you were all for the war Bush pushed us into.”

This was the recent comment of a faithful, if contrarian, Quiner’s Diner reader. I thank him for sharing it …

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