Cultural influences on mass murderers

Are mass public killings on the rise?

I pose the question in light of the latest murder spree that took place at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina. Nine black Americans were shot at their church by a deranged white guy.

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The sin Hollywood can’t forgive

Woody Allen had designs on 18 year old actress, Mariel Hemmingway.

So claims Ms. Hemmingway in her new book, “Out Came the Sun.” This is certainly not the only (alleged) impropriety leveled against the famous director and actor. And yet Hollywood doesn’t seem to hold it against Mr. Allen…

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“Your family is dead.”

My internal radar sensed to avoid this guy. As my bike got nearer, I heard him talking crazy, something about “el Nino.” And then I made the mistake of looking at him and then muttering something to my wife about avoiding this guy.

He erupted…

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Surprising good news from Hollywood

“My experience is that there are more Christians in this town than you would imagine and having made the series has given people permission to speak about faith. People are reacting to us by stepping up to us with a handshake and saying thank you for making the show and sharing that it has touched their lives. It has brought us together in faith.”
She and her husband are building on their success with another Bible-based production, “The Son of God,” this one a feature film …

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Oscar politics

I have a love/hate relationship with Hollywood. They are capable of creating exquisite works of art, such as Lincoln, Les Miz, and The Life of Pi. But be careful. They have an agenda, and they are sneaky. Their insidious brand of leftist politics can sneak its way into even the most innocuous film.

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“We are what we watch”

This appeared in the morning’s newspaper: “Texas Chainsaw 3D” was the No. 1 box office movie last week. Now millions in the U.S. get their violence, blood, gore and killings in 3-D. “Gun control” in the U.S.? No guns? Massacre people with a chainsaw and enjoy it … millions of movie goers did! We are what we watch.” What do you think, are we “what we watch?”

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“I can see where it would drive somebody crazy”

Should we blame Hollywood? Is the pornography of violence they’ve lavished on our culture for the past generation responsible for the spike in public mass murder? Pornographic violent entertainment that targets young men is epidemic. But does that really make some folks snap? Yes, suggests iconic Hollywood director, Peter Bogdanovich …

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How Hollywood can make more money

It’s odd. Inspirational films built upon the bedrock of Judeo-Christian values are box-office gold. But Hollywood won’t finance them. Why would that be? Read more about the latest box office success Hollywood refused to finance …

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What is Hollywood’s true agenda?

Why is Hollywood so interested in creating morally objectionable entertainment that loses money? Why is Hollywood so disinterested in creating uplifting entertainment that so consistently makes money? What is their true agenda?

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