Finding common ground on Planned Parenthood

America’s political Left and Right can at last find common ground on at least one subject: Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to some gritty investigative undercover reporting by a variety of groups, we have learned much about the organization spawned by Margaret Sanger. Here’s what we now know, the common ground, so to speak, upon which the two sides can agree:

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The moral case for human abortion

Planned Parenthood has changed tactics. They’re admitting that killing is taking place in the womb, and that it is a person that is being killed.

In a television interview earlier this year, Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, actually called the preborn person an infant. Ms. Clinton and Big Abortion are now doubling down with the assertion that there is a moral case for abortion. In fact, that is the name of a soon-to-be-released book by a human abortionist from Great Britain, Ann Furedi…

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In praise of sadism and masochism

By Tom Quiner [youtube=] Planned Parenthood endorses sadism and masochism. They tout it to our kids. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer above. We, the taxpayers of America, shell out a half a billion dollars a year to this organization, money which is used for abortions and promotion of their sexual theology to our nations’s…

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The descent of Western Civilization

Gendercide is now sanctioned in Great Britain.
Gendercide is human abortion based on the gender of the human being in the womb. Girl babies are less desirable than boy babies, especially within certain cultures.
Because human abortion laws are written broadly in Great Britain, abortions based on the gender of the person in the womb may now move forward without prosecution.

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Just “flush it”

Pro lifers know that a baby is a person at the instant of conception. Human Abortion corporations deny it. Now the human abortionists are pushing the envelope to suggest the killing of babies after delivery is okay.

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