Why do so many people get hurt by liberal programs? 5

It was my birthday yesterday.

I got home from the office anticipating my birthday celebration, feeling good about life. And then I saw it: a big envelope from Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I knew what was NOT in the envelope: birthday greetings.

I knew what WAS in the envelope: my rate increase. With shaking hands, I tore open the envelope to relatively good news in this era of ‘affordable’ health insurance: my premiums are ‘only’ going up by… More…

Coerced genital mutilation comes to America 2

Genital mutilation is an international problem.

Two-hundred million women have been victims of coerced genital mutilation. They are concentrated in 30 nations, spreading from Africa to the Middle East to Asia.

Coerced genital mutilation has come to the U.S. thanks to an edict from the Obama Administration’s HHS agency. In new, sweeping regulations, the term ‘sex’ is now redefined to mean ‘gender identity’ in healthcare treatments covered under ‘Obamacare.’

This could have a profound impact on Catholic doctors and other physicians of good will who believe gender identity is a biological reality, not an affliction to be treated as a disease if it misaligns with a person’s psyche… More…