YES or NO: Planned Parenthood deserves more taxpayer money?

Planned Parenthood deserves more taxpayer money for the sake of women’s reproductive health.

This is Planned Parenthood’s mantra, shrilly echoed by feminists and Democrats of every stripe who push back against Christians’ and Republicans’ insistence on defunding the abortion giant.

The suggestion is this by Democrats: if taxpayers pony up more money for PP, women will enjoy more cancer screening and prevention services; more breast exams; more pap smears while serving more women.

Is there anyway to test their thesis? Yes. Honest analysts need merely glean PP’s own data…

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Finding common ground on Planned Parenthood

America’s political Left and Right can at last find common ground on at least one subject: Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to some gritty investigative undercover reporting by a variety of groups, we have learned much about the organization spawned by Margaret Sanger. Here’s what we now know, the common ground, so to speak, upon which the two sides can agree:

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Human abortion on demand without apology

“What was last Saturday’s women’s march all about?” I asked a group of women this week.

Granted, these women were devout, pro life Catholics. They were appalled by what they saw on television of the march.

On the other hand, I know many other Catholic women who lean left politically who loved the women’s march, supported the march, and even came out and marched with other liberal women at Des Moines’s version of the women’s march.

So, what was the march really, really about? This–>

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“There should be no more babies”

By Tom Quiner Just to be sure there is no doubt, the Democratic Party idolizes a woman who who called for a ban on childbirth for a decade. Let Margaret Sanger explain in her own words. Watch the video above. Democrats believe in regulations, lots of them. Given the power, baby rationing would be next…

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