The religion of peace is off to the races in 2017 5

You might wonder: have Syrian Christians experienced any persecution because of their faith? Yes, according to Pope Francis who calls it a genocide. Tens of thousands Christians have fled Aleppo after 1,000 of their community, including two Orthodox bishops, were abducted and murdered, to site but one example.

At one point, Christians represented ten percent of the population of Syria. So why has the U.S. only accepted 53 Syrian Christian refugees when at the same time we’ve accepted nearly 2000 Syrian Muslims?

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Gay men double their risk of prostate cancer 2

By Tom Quiner

Promiscuous gay men increase their risk of prostate cancer.

Doctors in Montreal surveyed 3200 people on their sexual and disease history.

Data reveals that men who only sleep with men and who had sex with at least 20 different partners in their lifetime had double the incidence of prostate cancer than men who have never slept with men.

This is another nail in the coffin of the gay lifestyle. This blog discussed other health risks associated with men who have sex with men in an earlier post: “We do owe those with same-sex attractions an apology.”

Pointing out what is wrong with the gay lifestyle automatically gets one labeled as a “homophobe” or “gay basher” or simply a “hater.”

I have presented simple data. Data in my earlier post is even more insidious regarding disease associated with an active gay lifestyle.

But prostate cancer alone is nothing to mess with. My father died of it at age 65.

It would be unloving to encourage someone to pursue such a high risk lifestyle, wouldn’t it?

Smoking cuts some 13.5 years off a person’s life on average. An active gay lifestyle cuts two full decades.

Parents and our entire culture discourage our kids from smoking. So why celebrate a lifestyle that is 150% riskier than smoking?

As Pope Francis recently suggested, we need to walk pastorally with our sons and brothers by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices.