Jordan Speith is no Tiger Woods, thank goodness!

Jordan Speith is no Tiger Woods.

I’m speaking of his on-course demeanor and off-course conduct. Tiger Woods’ demeanor is legendary: he’s not a very likable guy on the course. His off-course conduct is even worse.

Jordan Speith is everything Tiger Woods isn’t when it comes to being a human being. But when it comes to golf, well, Mr. Speith is the only other golfer in Tiger’s league…

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Tiger Wood’s greatest golf shot

By Tom Quiner Few golfers have hit more sensational shots in their career than Tiger Woods. Go to YouTube to check out all kinds of compilations of his greatest shots. What is interesting about the video above is that THIS is the shot that Tiger Woods said was his best ever. It took place here…

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A brave new world for male athletes

It is official.

Once and for all, God is dead in the eyes of Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), and leftist intelligentsia everywhere.

They reject the sentimental notion that God determines your sex. Now, you can determine your own sex, and no one dare argue…

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The end of an era

Three magicians are poised to fade away.

These three men did not work their magic with a wand, but rather with a golf club, a football, or a basketball…

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U.S. Open preview

By Tom Quiner This is amazing: Tiger Woods wins one out of every four tournaments he enters. Mr. Woods has won more major tournaments than any golfer but Jack Nicklaus. He has won more official PGA events than any golfer other than Sam Snead. But here’s an interesting chink in Tiger’s armor: he has a…

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Bubba kicks butt while Tiger kicks club

By Tom Quiner [youtube=] Forgive my indelicate headline. I couldn’t resist. The 2012 Masters just ended with a spectacular victory by Bubba Watson in dramatic sudden-death. Watson started the final round three shots behind third round leader, Peter Hanson of Sweden. He watched his playing partner, Louis Oosthuizen of South Africa, make a spectacular double-eagle…

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Tiger Woods is back!

For golf fans, Woods’ win is exciting news. He is arguably the best golfer ever, or at least one of the two best ever. The second half of his career will definitively determine if he can displace the legendary Jack Nicklaus as golf’s all-time best. This makes what happens in two weeks all the more interesting …

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