Human abortion on demand without apology

By Tom Quiner


“What was last Saturday’s women’s march all about?” I asked a group of women this week.

Granted, these women were devout, pro life Catholics. They were appalled by what they saw on television of the march.

On the other hand, I know many other Catholic women who lean left politically who loved the women’s march, supported the march, and even came out and marched with other liberal women at Des Moines’s version of the women’s march.

So, what was the march really, really about? Human abortion.

That was the take of my pro life Catholic women friends. It’s hard to dispute their assessment. Organizers of the march denied permission for a group that characterized themselves as feminists for life.

On the other hand, there were no shortage of horrible pro abortion signage that didn’t seem to phase the organizers, such as the one I posted above.

Liberals like to talk about women’s reproductive health. This is code word for abortion.

Think about it, Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms as part of their reproductive health services. That was exposed as a lie.

The overwhelming majority don’t provide pre natal care as part of their so-called reproductive health services. Live Action called Planned Parenthood clinics all over the country. Almost all made it clear that they provide human abortion services, not pre natal care.

What about contraception? Yes, Planned Parenthood provides it. But so does your local pharmacy.

So, clearly, the march was about human abortion. That’s what Planned Parenthood is really good at. That’s where the bucks are at.

The bottom line: liberal women demand abortion on demand without compromise. They may not admit it in polite company, but that is what the policies they promote will do. And they want pro life Catholics, and all taxpayers, to pay for it.

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  1. d. knapp on January 27, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    right b/c the man should have no say in the death of his child. Also we gotta do something about those patriarchal boy babies. (rolling my eyes at the sophomoric and used to death ideology.)