Planned Parenthood blames pro-lifers for Gosnell’s “House of Horrors”

By Tom Quiner

 They did it.

Just when you think Planned Parenthood’s lack of integrity could be no more lacking, well, they surprise you.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Kate Michelman, the former president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Carol E. Tracy, the executive director of the Women’s Law Project, blamed pro lifers for driving poor women to Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s abortion “house of horrors.” There, women were injured and died from botched abortions. Babies were born alive and then killed.

So why are pro lifers responsible? Because they prayed outside of Planned Parenthood clinics in Philadelphia. According to the pro human abortion advocates above, abortion-seeking women were intimidated by the praying pro lifers, quoting one woman as saying:

“the picketers out there, they just scared me half to death.”

The woman quoted by Ms. Michelman and Ms. Tracy said that “picketers” at Dr. Gosnell’s were “not an issue at all.” So, pro-lifers, according to this screed, are responsible for driving “customers” to Gosnell where they wouldn’t have to confront praying people.

As one who has frequently convened on the sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood here in Des Moines, I would not characterize us as picketers, although some hold signs that say, “pray for an end to abortion.” When I was there last month, we stood in the rain and prayed non-stop for 45 minutes.

There is no jeering, not catcalls, in fact, no contact at all with women entering Planned Parenthood.

The Atlantic Magazine decided to check out the accusation leveled by Ms. Michelman and Ms. Tracy. Their senior editor covering national politics, Garance Franke-Ruta did something that few journalists do this day: investigative journalism targeting Planned Parenthood.

She called Planned Parenthood’s bluff. She contacted Edel Finnegan of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia. They run the anti-human-abortion protests and prayers around town. Ms. Finnegan refuted Planned Parenthood:

“We were involved with praying outside of the Gosnell facility. For about 20 years, there was a group of people going out on the second Saturday of the month”

Planned Parenthood is used to getting away with lying. The media has their back.

Remember when the same Ms. Michelman claimed they needed public funding so women could get mammograms? No one in the media bothered to check to see if Planned Parenthood even owned mammogram equipment. A twenty-one year old investigative reporter named Lila Rose independently took it on herself. She founded a group called Live Action Films. She uncovered the truth: Planned Parenthood wasn’t even in the mammogram business.

Kudos to The Atlantic for calling Planned Parenthood’s bluff.

For the record, a stone’s throw away in Delaware, the Planned Parenthood clinic there has experienced five botched abortions of their own in the past five weeks. Two of PP’s nurses, Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich and Joyce Vasikonis, blasted the Planned Parenthood facility at which they worked, as reported by television station WPVI-TV:

Werbrich alleges conditions inside the facility were unsanitary.

“He didn’t wear gloves,” said Werbrich.

Another former employee, Joyce Vasikonis told Action News, “They were using instruments on patients that were not sterile.”

The former nurses claim that a rush to get patients in and out left operating tables soiled and unclean.

Werbrich said “It’s not washed down, it’s not even cleaned off. It has bloody drainage on it.”

“They could be at risk of getting hepatitis, even AIDS,” added Vasikonis.

Both of these nurses said, they quit to protect their own medical licenses, stunned by what they called a meat-market style of assembly-line abortions.

Vasikonis said, “I felt I could be held liable if a patient was harmed.”

“Planned Parenthood needs to close its doors, it’s needs to be cleaned up, the staff needs to be trained, said Werbrich.”

Essentially, the now closed Delaware Planned Parenthood clinic suffered from some of the same shortcomings as Dr. Gosnell’s “house of horrors” on the Philadelphia side.

Of course Ms. Michelman and Ms. Tracy are incorrect that pro lifers are to blame for anything. These pro human abortion advocates will say anything in a desperate attempt to hide the real truth: that human beings are dying furiously fast to enrich abortionists like Michelman, Tracy, and Gosnell.

It’s getting harder for their ilk to deceive us.


  1. Karen Quiner on April 17, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    Unbelievable! How do they keep a straight face. This accusation would be funny if it wasn’t such a serious subject. It goes to show though, that PP is running scared.

    The sad thing though is that they will get away with this with far too many people who want to believe that PP is about “women’s health.”

    Yeah, right.

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