Biased CNN reporter forced to admit that there is no Trump/Russia collusion

By Tom Quiner

Could you tell me what’s going on with the so-called “Trump collusion with Russia” story?

The interview above helps bring it into focus. Watch it. It’s worth it.

As background, a Harvard study revealed that CNN (along with CBS) had the most biased anti-Trump reporting of all major news outlets, with a whopping 93% of their news coverage negative. With that in mind, I expected a biased interview of John Sununu, former Republican governor and former White House chief of staff to George H.W. Bush, by CNN’s Alison Camerota.

She didn’t disappoint.

At the outset, she said she wanted to gauge the governor’s “feelings” on the non-allegations being bandied about by the press regarding the Russian investigation. I really prefer facts to feelings, which is why I like Mr. Sununu’s responses.

Mr. Sununu points out that “back channel” communication is common in conversations between governments, especially when a new administration comes into power.

The mainstream media has tried to transform these conversations into “collusion” without a shred of evidence. If there was any sort of “quid quo pro,” conservatives would be just as concerned as anyone else. But there is no evidence. None.

Sununu goes on to say that it’s been 7 months since the election, and no one has yet produced any suggestion of collusion.

I love the way he challenges Ms. Camerota to tell him what she sees going on? He says she’s posing hypotheticals upon hypotheticals. Ms. Camerota, like most of her friends in the MSM, wants Trump to be found guilty of something. But finally, he gets her to admit that at this point, there is no evidence of collusion.

He then says that should be the end of the story. And it should. But it won’t. Objectivity has no connection to the reporting spewing from the MSM anymore.

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  1. d. knapp on June 5, 2017 at 12:39 pm

    So, can we stop spending all that $$$ on a special prosecutor? NAH, Maxine Waters wants to impeach Trump, so it’ll keep going.