Democrats must be held accountable for Planned Parenthood atrocities

The revulsion women and men of conscience feel over a story like this truly goes beyond words.

This revulsion must be put to positive use. The Democratic Party must be held accountable.

They enable Planned Parenthood.

They accept their cash to get elected.

They speak at their conferences and oppose every piece of legislation designed to regulate the business of human abortion.

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Tom Brady vs. Hillary Clinton

Ironically, at the same time Tom Brady is about to lose four games running the Patriot’s offense for refusing to turn over his e-mails, Hillary Clinton is asking for four years to run the country despite her refusal to turn over all of her e-mails while Secretary of State.

Ironically, at the same time that the NFL said the integrity of the game is at stake, the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party are saying that integrity really doesn’t matter all that much…

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“Everybody has God-given gifts”

“Everybody has God given gifts.

Everybody has potential.

Our founders knew that every life has potential and they coupled that insight with what was at the time a radical idea and remains a visionary idea to this day. And that is that here in this country, Americans have the right, the right to fulfill their potential.

That is what they meant by the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

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Hillary Clinton’s disturbing defense of a child rapist

Conservatives loathe Hillary Clinton for her lack of integrity.

Liberals say integrity doesn’t matter.

Now that she has officially announced her presidential candidacy, her party’s disregard of integrity will be put to the test. Will the public really look the other way and ignore her historic litany of lies and perversion of the public trust?

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