Bubba Watson reveals the future of golf Reply

By Tom Quiner

Modern golf equipment has taken golf to new levels.

Golfers can hit the ball farther and straighter to bring a golf course to its knees.

A good amateur golfer of today wielding a Big Bertha would make a Ben Hogan of yesterday with his ‘wood’ woods (as opposed to today’s ‘metal’ woods) look like a rank amateur.

All of that is so yesterday.

Bubba Watson is working with Oakley to remake the game of golf. Watch the videos above for technology that will make the thrill of a hole-in-one incidental to the fun of getting to your next shot.

Bubba Watson for President? 4

Bubba Watson turned the world of golf upside down yesterday with his stunning, come-from-behind victory in the Masters Golf Tournament. It got me thinking. Should Republicans consider drafting him as their nominee? I know what you’re saying. He’s only thirty-three, he’s not old enough to be president according to the Constitution. On the other hand, he’s got an authentic U.S. birth certificate. That counts for something, doesn’t it! … More…