Hillary forced to back pedal once again

For nearly six years, Keynesian economics has been put to the test.

The Obama administration has used “stimulus spending” with a profligacy that would even make Franklin Roosevelt blush. And yet it hasn’t worked.

Economic growth lags way behind typical economic recoveries. Same with the unemployment rate.

What is particularly damning is the employment rate which hovers around the abysmal levels of those sorry Carter years…

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New data on Obamanomics is chilling

By Tom Quiner The new job numbers are out. Senator Jeff Sessions reacted: “Today’s jobs numbers are only enough to tread even with population growth, maintaining unemployment at 6.3 percent. When you include discouraged workers, the unemployment rate doubles to an alarming 12.2 percent. There are still 3.2 million fewer full-time employed persons than there…

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A bloated “public economy” lowers middle class incomes

Inflation-adjusted median household incomes fell by 2.6% during the Great Recession. Obamanomics, which has been characterized by adding $5 trillion to our deficits in the name of stimulating our paychecks, has had the exact opposite effect. Since the recession ended in mid 2009, instead of helping us, it hurt us. Inflation-adjusted median household incomes fell another 4.8%.

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Irrational economics

How do we turn our economy around? How do we start creating jobs again? Obamanomics is built on three pillars: 1. More government spending; 2. More taxes on the most productive workers; 3. More regulations. How has that worked so far?

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This is the biggest issue of the campaign

Here’s what the president says: “Yes, foreign policy matters. Social issues matter. But more than anything else, this election presents a choice between two fundamentally different visions of how to create strong, sustained growth.” So, is the economy the biggest issue of this campaign?

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“It’s Obama that’s responsible for this fear in America”

By Tom Quiner [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvEXft_rvO0&feature=player_embedded#at=33] I go to Las Vegas every year on business. I’ve been going there regularly since 1980. One can’t help but notice the impact real estate developer, Steve Wynn, has had on this gambling mecca of America. He built The Mirage, Treasure Island, The Bellagio, and The Wynn in Vegas alone, and…

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Common sense made difficult

By Tom Quiner The “King of Pork” is dead. Senator Robert Bird of West Virginia died today.  I will leave it to others to honor (or pillage) his illustrious career.  I would, though, like to analyze the essence of Obamanomics in light of Mr. Byrd’s passing. Mr. Byrd was an unapologetic supporter of pork barrel…

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