God help us find another Scalia

Justice Sonia Sotomayo demands more diversity on the Supreme Court.

Says the justice:

“I … think there is a disadvantage from having (five) Catholics, three Jews, everyone from an Ivy League school.”

I have a legitimate question for the Justice Sotomayo: why?

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Results of Democratic economic policies

Class warfare is the foundation of the Democrats’ economic philosophy.

The poor are virtuous and deserve to have money redistributed to them from their oppressors, the rich.

By the same token, the rich are greedy and have achieved their lucre on the backs of the downtrodden poor whom they have exploited…

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The politically-incorrect "i" word

By Tom Quiner Some liberal, I forgot whom, has added “illegal” to the lexicon of politically-incorrect words if it is used in the context “Illegal immigrant.” I’ll take up that silliness another day. But there is another very politically-incorrect “i” word that Republicans should avoid at all costs. It is a word that gives tremendous…

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A return to the Politically-Correct Coffee Shop

“Come on, Tom, live dangerously. It won’t kill you to experience a little diversity.”
My liberal friend, Libby, had dragged me to the Politically-Correct Coffee Shop. She was insistent that I enter the “Liberals Only” door.
“But I’m not a liberal. And the service stinks on this side. And it’s expensive. And they discriminate on the basis of race.”
Libby wouldn’t take no for an answer and dragged me through a door I swore I’d never walk through. As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I saw that the menu had changed, and had become, against all odds, even more offensive:

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Media bias 101

A simple story in the Des Register about the impact of the coming sequester on Iowa airports had a subtle bias to it.

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