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By Tom Quiner Tonight’s debate will be epic. Be prepared for record ratings. The entire trajectory of the campaign could be affected by what happens in New York tonight. Quiner’s Diner is interested in two topics tonight: the deficit/national debt and our ability to deal with nuclear threats. Frankly, I expect minimal conversation on either…

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Hurricane Hillary is a comin’

Republicans have had a bellyful. Should they retain control of the House and Senate, they will not let Clinton Corruption get a free pass.

Hillary WILL violate her oath of office. Guaranteed. Her presidency will subject the country to a national nightmare that can only be avoided with her defeat this November…

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There is a better way

“I have small children. Trump does stuff everyday that I teach my kids is wrong. I wouldn’t be able to let them watch the President of the United States on television for fear he’d set a bad example for my kids.”

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Can Trump actually win?

I believe Hillary Clinton could win the election in an epic landslide.

I also believe that Donald Trump could win the election in a epic landslide.

This is the most volatile election cycle in my lifetime with the possible exception of 1968…

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Laura Ingraham to the MSM: “Do. Your. Job!”

By Tom Quiner Wow! Laura Ingraham brought the house down at last night’s Republican National Convention. I don’t agree with Ms. Ingraham or Donald Trump on everything, but Ingraham certainly rallied the troops last night. The audience was particularly vocal when she challenged the mainstream media to do their job and actually report on the…

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Positive TV ad for Gary Johnson may get him into the debates

By Tom Quiner I am not endorsing the Libertarian candidates above. Nor am I discounting them. I have major disagreements with them on issues like human abortion, marriage, and foreign policy. Those disagreements are so large that it is highly unlikely I could ever pull the lever for a Libertarian Party candidate. But I like…

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Is the Trump campaign stupid, lazy, or simply arrogant?

I watched Mrs. Trump’s speech last night.

Very nice. A glamor girl was humanized. I believe but a small percentage of voters are swayed by a prospective First Lady, with the exception of Hillary Clinton (who certainly repelled many).

But in all, last night’s prime time speech by Melania Trump was a net gain … until this morning. It was all undone by…

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