More dishonesty from the Obama administration?

Barack Obama infamously dismissed ISIS as the ‘jayvee team.’

This is the same jayvee team that has commandeered a big chunk of Iraq.

This is the same jayvee team that has raped, beheaded, and mutilated thousands of innocents, regardless of age.

This is the same jayvee team that is scrubbing the Mideast of any vestige of Christianity.

So how are things going against these “punks?” Swimmingly, if you listen to the president’s men. Terrible, if you listen to the guys on the ground.…

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Trust Iran

What is the biggest political issue in the world?

Some could credibly argue human abortion. After all, 125,000 human beings die every day around the world at the hands of human abortionists.

The political left sneers at this contention.

Some would argue that the biggest issue is climate change or gay rights.

The political right sneers at these contentions.

Others would talk about hunger issues or human rights, and they’ll get some supporters from both sides of the aisle.

I think there may be a bigger issue:

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Is Obama willing to let Iran go nuclear?

To better understand the impact of a nuclear Iran, Congressional Republicans invited Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netenyahu, to speak before a joint session of Congress. Amazingly, some liberal Democrats are going to boycott the Prime Minister’s address because Republicans may have hurt the president’s feelings with their invite.

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A return to the Politically-Correct Coffee Shop

“Come on, Tom, live dangerously. It won’t kill you to experience a little diversity.”
My liberal friend, Libby, had dragged me to the Politically-Correct Coffee Shop. She was insistent that I enter the “Liberals Only” door.
“But I’m not a liberal. And the service stinks on this side. And it’s expensive. And they discriminate on the basis of race.”
Libby wouldn’t take no for an answer and dragged me through a door I swore I’d never walk through. As my eyes grew accustomed to the light, I saw that the menu had changed, and had become, against all odds, even more offensive:

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