“I am a Catholic?”

Reporter James Rosen got under Nancy Pelosi’s skin when he asked her:

“Do you hate President Trump”

Speaker of the House Pelosi lashed back:

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The Pelosi deceit

By Tom Quiner Please recall that Nancy Pelosi promised Americans that Obamacare would save you and me $2500 per year on our health insurance premiums. It didn’t. Premiums went up by that amount, not down. She missed the mark by $5000. Chump change to a limousine liberal like Ms. Pelosi. Now she characterizes the Republicans…

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Which is a Class 1 carcinogen: cigarettes or the Pill?

The Mayo Clinic Proceedings published a comprehensive meta-analysis on the impact of the Pill on women’s health, and it was scary. They reported that women who took the pill before the birth of their first child sustained a 44% average increased risk of developing pre-menopausal breast cancer. The risk rose to 52% for women who took the Pill at least four years prior the birth of their first child…

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The Gingrich Solution

Newt Gingrich is a conservative visionary.

Democrats controlled the House of Representatives for 40 consecutive years. Mr. Gingrich came up with a campaign idea called the Contract with America which would empower voters.

Voters liked it and put Republicans in control of the House for a dozen years beginning in 1994.

Gingrich and his fellow Republicans produced remarkable results by reducing government spending and balancing the budget. As you can see in the chart above, federal spending as a percentage of GDP began to plummet when Gingrich became speaker. It began to climb again when he resigned from the Speakership in 1998.

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Democrats MUST answer this question

Is he human?

That is the question we must answer as we consider the fate of the 20 week old person in his mother’s womb.

If he is a person, then he is protected by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution…

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