Gay marriage ruling may force Catholic schools to shutter their doors

There is a special place in heaven for anyone who sits on the Board of Education for a Catholic school.

It is a time-consuming, thankless job guaranteed to make some people mad due to the inevitable tough decisions that have to be made.

One of the perennial tough decision has to do with teachers’ salaries. Budgets are tight in Catholic Schools. Tuition doesn’t come close to covering their costs. Catholic schools depend on parish subsidies to keep their doors opened…

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What does a Catholic say if invited to a so-called gay marriage?

The day is coming.

The culture is demanding that Catholics shed their faith and bend to the homosexual lobby that now controls the Democratic Party. For example, what happens if a Catholic is invited to a so-called gay wedding? To decline opens you up to being called a bigot, a hater, a homophobe or worse by the judgmental mob on the left.

Writing in the National Review, catholic commentator, Maggie Gallagher, provides this thoughtful, charitable response:

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Every child needs a mother and a father

A life long, pro gay rights Democrat, nonetheless opposes so-called gay marriage: “Across history and cultures . . . marriage’s single most fundamental idea is that every child needs a mother and a father. Changing marriage to accommodate same-sex couples would nullify this principle in culture and in law.”

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Catholic high school in Des Moines chooses to honor its faith

“A Des Moines Catholic high school was within its rights when it decided not to hire a substitute teacher full time once it found out he was gay — because Iowa’s civil rights law allows religious institutions to discriminate based on sexual orientation.”

Note the slant to the reporting: “discriminate based on sexual orientation.” I prefer my headline above…

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Another adventure at the "Politically-Correct Coffee Shop"

By Tom Quiner Amanda and I stood before two doors, one marked “conservatives,” and the other marked “liberals.” Yes, I had returned to the Politically-Correct Coffee Shop with another liberal friend to solve the problems of the world. [For new readers to Quiner’s Diner, you can get up to speed on my past adventures in…

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The era of economic martyrdom

Liberalism is characterized by intolerance.
We’ve seen the tactics of the Left used far too often over recent decades. For example, if you disagree with the principle of reverse discrimination, euphemistically known as affirmative action, you are a bigot.
If you oppose human abortion, euphemistically known as women’s reproductive health, you are waging a war on women.
Now if you support traditional marriage, you may have to give up your livelihood …

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Bring it on!

Christianity is being challenged by new and old foes. Where shall I begin?
Sexual paganism. It’s baaaack! Homosexuality is flourishing; so-called same-sex marriage is spreading with the enthusiastic support of the Secular Humanists. We’re beginning to look more and more like ancient Greece and Rome.
Speaking of Rome, our arena-style entertainment has evolved to include scantily-clad women beating each other’s brains in. Pugilist Ronda Rousey has earned a million dollars from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) for being attractive and deadly.

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