Gay atheist has much to teach liberal Christians about Christianity 2

Let us normalize homosexuality.

This is the mantra of many liberal Christians. In the Anglican church, we’ve seen the ordination of an openly gay bishop.

We are seeing this normalization movement filter its way through mainline Protestant churches in the U.S. A journalist for the London Times, Matthew Parish, vigorously disagrees. What makes his viewpoint so interesting is that Mr. Parris is gay … and an atheist. More…

Why isn’t Congress on Obamacare? 2

There is a meme showing up on Facebook that says:

“Let’s try this again: All Americans should have the same health insurance and care as the members of the House and Senate.”

There is a variation on the theme I’ve also seen that goes like this:

“Give us the exact same health coverage that Congress gets, or give Congress the same healthcare that they gave us.”

What is interesting is that this meme is showing up on the Facebook pages of liberal voters, people who hate Trump and love Obama…. More…