Reactions to First Ladys’ decisions not to wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia Reply

“Many of the same people outraged that Melania Trump is being religiously insensitive by not wearing a head scarf in Saudi Arabia are the same people who support forcing Catholic nuns to provide contraception coverage.” MATT ARCHBOLD

“Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs. Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted. We have enuf enemies.” DONALD TRUMP [two years ago when Michelle Obama didn’t wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia]

Lindsay Graham calls for release of Hillary emails with the Justice Department Reply

By Tom Quiner

Lindsay Graham has been pretty non-partisan on all things related to Donald Trump and Russia.

He dropped a bombshell yesterday by suggesting the Clinton campaign emailed the Department of Justice regarding their investigation into her email scandal during Obama’s watch:

“I have reason to believe that there are emails between Clinton campaign officials, Democratic operatives, to the Department of Justice regarding the Clinton email investigation that happened on Obama’s watch. I have reason that those emails exist. I am on the judiciary committee, and I think that it’s important that the committee be given any emails that were directed to the Dept of Justice by any Clinton campaign or Democratic officials.

I want to know, did the Dept of Justice receive communications from the campaign. If there was a communication to the Department of Justice about an ongoing investigation from people who are the subject of the investigation, I want to know that. I’ve been very upfront about all things Russia and Trump. I want this investigation to go where the facts lead. Everything’s on the table in terms of finding out about what the Trump campaign did with the Russians, if anything, and I think it should be both ways.”

If this is true, it can be damning.

Here’s the question: will Ms. Clinton’s scandal intersect with the newly appointed Special Prosecutor’s investigation?

How democracy is killing Planned Parenthood Reply

“I would say this is fantastic news for women and families in the state of Iowa. We would say the services and care provided by Planned Parenthood in the state of Iowa were not what women and families deserved. We have said from the very beginning that there are many, many other qualified health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.” More…